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Parth Garlic Seed Co. is a reliable enterprise offering Organic Garlic & Garlic Seeds. We cultivate the best quality of natural garlic which is frequently used in different cuisines. The cultivation is done adapting the latest technology to enhance better quality production. We sell garlic from every may June of new crop beginning to next december. white garlic, purple garlic and single clove Garlic & Certified Garlic Seed. The whole process of cultivation is carried out under the supervision of experienced quality control team.

We also supply the garlic seeds of the best quality. The full grown seeds are collected from the fresh dried garlic. The products are packaged in hygienic and user-friendly packs. That’s why the products are having very good demand in the market of whole India.

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Garlic is the second most important bulb crop grown through the country after the onion. It has long been recognized all over the world as a valuable spice for foods and a popular remedy for various ailments and physiological disorders. Certified Fresh Garlic Cloves are also rich source of carbohydrates, proteins, phosphorus and ascorbic acid (vitamin C). The uninjured Farm Fresh Garlic bulb contains a colourless, odourless water-soluble amino acid i.e. alliin. On crushing the garlic cloves the enzyme allinase breaks down alliin to produce allicin, which contains the sulphur rich compound called diallyl disulphide responsible for the true odour of garlic. The allicin present in garlic helps in reducing the cholesterol concentration in human blood and also acts as a blood purifier. The inhalation of garlic juice or oil has been recommended in cases of tuberculosis, sterility, impotency, cough and sore eyes. Garlic juice removes dandruff from the scalp and all types of spots from face. According to the Ayurvedic systems garlic is carminative and gastric stimulant thus, aids in digestion and absorption of food. The Arabians used all parts of garlic plant for the treatment of worms, snakebites, skin rashes and menstrual abnormalities. According to German physician it relieves constipation and eliminates flatulence. Chinese scientist has considered garlic as anticancerous properties. Their laboratory lists showed that it inhibits reproduction of toxic germs in the stomach, promotes secretion of gastric acid juice and stop synthesis of a carcinogen called nitrosamine.


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